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Moroso Offers Four Levels of DRAG Racing Pans

"Eliminator" Pans

For the economy minded racer, Moroso "Eliminator" Pans improve oil control for solid horsepower gains. The large power kickout, integral crankshaft scraper, windage tray, and internal baffling insure quick oil return to the pickup area under the most severe racing conditions.

After years of dyno testing, we've found that some oil pans make more power with solid windage trays, while others benefit from wire screens. This is a function of the pan’s depth and kickout design, and we’ve installed the appropriate tray or screen for maximum power gain.

Eliminator Pan

"Pro Eliminator" Pans

Designed for ultra-high horsepower applications, Moroso "Pro Eliminator" box-style pans are the result of nearly 30 years of ongoing research. Working with the nation’s top engine builders and racers, Moroso engineers have developed the right combination of oil control and power-producing features to keep you running ahead of the competition.

Each Pan is:

  • Manufactured on computer-controlled equipment to maintain exact tolerances
  • Heliarc welded, block fitted and leak tested to ensure a hassle-free installation and perfect fit
  • Designed to clear the widest 4-bolt main caps available today

Check out the features...

  •  Full Length, Uni-Directional Windage Tray Screen allows oil to pass through quickly without splashing back.
  •  Relief Port provides quick, easy access to water plug for cooling down between rounds.
  •  Block-High Scraper can be trimmed to your particular rotating assembly to reduce windage and increase power.
  •  Maximum-Size Power Kickout on passenger side provides an "escape route" for oil leaving the rotating assembly to reduce windage for greater power gain.
  •  Investment cast end caps (on SBC pans) and billet end caps (on BBC pans) provide extremely tight tolerances to eliminate annoying leaks.
  •  Fully engineered Baffling System and Rear Mini-Sump keeps oil contained in pickup area during hard acceleration and deceleration.
  •  Box-Style Design with Double Kickouts increases crankcase volume.
  •  Magnetic Oil Drain Plug clears headers and bellhousing.
  •  Extra-Thick Pan Rails resist warping and provide better gasket seal.

Pro Eliminator PanPro Eliminator Pan 2

"Ultra-Pro" Dry Sump Pans

For racers who demand the very best, Moroso "Ultra-Pro" Pans are the ultimate in dry sump technology. These box-style aluminum pans, available for both 3-, 4-, 4-1/2, and 5-stage systems, feature a maximum size power kickout, block-high scraper, uni-directional windage tray screen, and special baffling. Together, these race-winning features produce the highest horsepower gain possible for drag racing.

Check out the features...

  •  Box Style Pan with maximum size double kickouts provides plenty of room for oil leaving the rotating assembly, thereby reducing windage and increasing power.
  •  Pan's depth is also maximized to increase volume while maintaining adequate ground clearance.
  •  Internal Baffling System has been engineered to contain oil in pickup area during hard acceleration.
  •  Block-High Crankshaft Scraper can be trimmed for your particular rotating assembly for greater windage reduction and power gain.
  •  Full-Length, Uni-Directional Windage Tray Screen allows oil to pass "one way" into the sump without splashing back.
  •  Extra Thick Pan Rails (.287") keep their shape, will not warp and provide exceptional gasket sealing.
  •  -12AN Pickup Fittings are strategically placed to maximize scavenging and simplify plumbing.
  •  Most "Ultra-Pro" Pans feature a full-length oil trough that runs along the bottom to "puddle" oil for more efficient pickup and less oil in the pan.

Ultra-Pro PamsUltra-Pro Pan 2

"Super-Fueler" Pans

Moroso "Super Fueler" Pans were the first to break the 300 mph barrier for nitro-burning and alcohol dragsters and Funny Cars! They’re available for Chrysler and aftermarket Hemi blocks including Keith Black, JP-1 and popular Rodeck TFX blocks.

Made from lightweight aluminum, these pans represent the state-of-the-art in Fuel Car oiling system technology and are available with either single -16AN or single -20AN pickup outlets.

Check out the features...

  •  Lightweight, yet rugged Aluminum construction is engineered to eliminate cracking and to insure a precise fit - even after many removals and reinstallations.
  •  Internal Baffling provides superior oil control under the most demanding racing conditions.
  •  Comes with a Removable Windage Tray.
  •  Most billet rail pans feature steel inserts at mounting holes. All other pans feature extra-thick pan rails.
  •  Pickup is welded inside of pan to prevent movement.
  •  Reinforced Skid Plates on front and rear corners of pan provide superior ground clearance protection.
  •  Built-in Crankshaft Scraper included on some pans reduces windage for maximum power gain.

Super-Fueler Pan Super-Fueler 2

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