Wilwood Brake Pad Compounds

Wilwood brake pad compounds are the results of three decades of experience and continual development to provide optimized braking and driver feel for all types of motor sport and competition applications. This selection guide is intended to provide general characteristics and applications for each compound.

Wilwood has many types of brake pad compounds designed specifically for racing. It is important to analyze braking requirements and select the proper pads. Experimentation is often necessary to determine the correct compound for a particular application. On-track testing and driver evaluation however, will always remain the determining factor to final pad selection.

Here a few of the most popular Wilwood Polymatrix Racing Brake Pad Compounds:

  • PolyMatrix “A” Compound - Heat Range: Low to X-High, Torque: X-High:  “A” compound delivers an immediate cold response with the highest friction values at all temperatures. Engineered for severe duty oval track race applications which require immediate high response at low temperatures.
  • PolyMatrix “B” Compound - Heat Range: High, Torque: High:  With quick warm-up, high friction and fade free performance at high temperatures, “B” is the best choice for sprints on pavement or dirt tracks with extreme braking.
  • BP-10 (“Smart Pads”) Compound - Heat Range: Medium to High, Torque: Light to Medium:  A medium to high temp compound, low dust characteristics and the low temperature response of a street pad. Use on dirt track cars with vented iron rotors, club sport and track day racers.
  • PolyMatrix “E” Compound - Heat Range: Medium to High, Torque: Medium to High:  A proven “Million Dollar” winner and the first choice for all types of dirt racing. “E” has immediate cold response, with consistent torque and pedal response through the entire temperature range. “E” has smooth engagement for finesse driving on slick tracks, with plenty of stopping power right from the start.
  • PolyMatrix “H” Compound - Heat Range: Low to X-High, Torque: High to X-High:  Slightly softer initial response than “A” compound with the same high temperature friction. Severe duty compound has long wear characteristics and works well on oval track applications. Delivers smooth, consistent engagement at all temperatures and pedal pressures.
  • PolyMatrix “Q” Compound - Heat Range: Low to Medium, Torque: Medium:  Ceramic-enhanced compound is ideally suited for aluminum rotors. Provides smooth engagement, long service life, quick recovery and high fade resistance.

Refer to the chart below for more Wilwood Polymatrix Racing Brake Pad Compound information.

Wilwood Polymatrix Racing Brake Pad Compounds

Wilwood Polymatrix Racing Brake Pad Compounds

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