Hawk Performance Brake Pad Compounds

Hawk Brakes provide fade free, longer lasting performance from start to finish. Ferro-Carbon Semi Metallic Racing Pads are burnished with no break-in required, run up to 200°F. cooler and provide instant response with no lag. Rotor-friendly pads also have a high coefficient of friction and low wear rate. Consistent, predictable performance lap after lap. Proven in NASCAR, Indy Car, SCCA, IMSA, DIRT, USAR Pro Cup, ASA Late Models and more.

Hawk Brake Pad Compound Tech: 

  • HP Plus: Good low temperature performance with much better resistance to brake squeal, dust and rotor damage compared to full racing compounds. Recommended for dirt street stock and econo-modified applications.
  • Black: Excellent stopping force with very little fade. Provides good pad wear and is rotor friendly. Recommended for all dirt applications as well as low temperature asphalt.
  • Blue MT-4: Superior stopping power with no fade. Excellent wear and braking at high temperatures. Less rotor friendly than the black compound. For heavy braking asphalt applications.
  • HT-10: A medium to high torque compound with smooth initial bite. Excellent apply and release characteristics. Ideal for cars with extremely high deceleration rates and down force.
  • DTC-05: Smooth, predictable pads provide lower torque in the low to mid-temperature range and are ideal for circle track.
  • DTC-30: Dirt track pad material. Unique driver controllability of brake torque allowing later and deeper brake use into the corners, while requiring less pedal effort and shorter pedal engagement times. Excellent release characteristics and requires no heat up or extensive bedding (break-in period)
  • DTC-70: For asphalt applications, extremely high torque with aggressive controllable initial bite. Superior release and torque control characteristics. Brake pads designed for cars with high deceleration rates with or without down force.

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