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PAC Racing Springs has partnered with technology leaders in order to provide this advanced new tapered wire product.

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Traditional Springs are made from the same size (Diameter) wire throughout the helix of the spring. PAC Racing Springs has partnered with technology leaders in order to provide this advanced new tapered wire product. Tapered wire allows for a true progressive and dual rate without reducing spring travel and increasing weight from traditional methods. Tapered wire has several advantages to the true chassis engineer and extreme racer looking for the next level of performance.

PAC Racing Springs pioneered high travel suspension springs when post race tech began disqualifying winning cars from too low of ride height, a result from spring sag and poor designs. We answered the demand using cutting edge materials and processing, thus reducing cost over expensive and ineffective aerospace alloys typically used. This innovative method provides superior spring construction and performance reducing cost drastically over competition. PAC Racing is capable of using our in house Servo Hydraulic single post MTS to duplicate the rigors of racing, every bump, every turn, which allows improvement to the design continuously.


The Primary focus of the Peterson Spring group is Automotive and Industrial applications, these interactions increase technical advancements for PAC Racing Spring products. We can offer enhanced technology through engineering resources and expanded experience from all of our power-train engineers. Additionally with nearly 100 years of manufacturing experience we continually improve our products to exceed demanding expectations.


Because of the extreme demands of racing, we routinely test all of our components using advanced testing technology. We have a fully accredited metallurgy lab with dedicated staff and equipment such as: SEM with EDAX, Xray Diffraction, Micro Hardness, Impact Testing, and MTS Tensile Test machine. Additionally, we are able to test functionality and fatigue properties in our Dyanamics Laboratory, which includes a single post MTS Servo Hydraulic test machine, various bench type equipment, and our High Tech Engine test lab. Whatever your application we strive to bring confidence that our products meet and exceed designed parameters.

PAC Racing Springs, based in Detroit, MI, is the Racing and Aftermarket Division of the Peterson Spring Company. With more than 10 divisions around the world, Peterson Spring is the largest privately held, family owned Spring Company in the USA. With nearly 100 years of operation, Peterson Spring proudly manufactures all the Racing and Aftermarket components in Detroit, Michigan.


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