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The advanced E3 DiamondFire design increases combustion pressure and increases power in the engine.

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Drag Parts USA is The Online Drag Racing Superstore! For the last 100 years, the only real advance in spark plug technology has been to develop ways to make them cheaper. In fact, the basic spark plug design hasnat changed that much since the original parts used by Henry Ford in 1904. E3 Spark Plugs was formed to help customers increase power, improve fuel efficiency, and reduce engine emissions that contribute to global warming. To accomplish this, E3 Spark Plugs focus specifically on improving the ignition of fuel inside the combustion chamber. The principals of E3 Pyrotek have decades of experience in spark plug engineering and the automotive aftermarket. E3 realized that the key to any breakthrough would not come from fancy and exotic metals such as platinum or titanium. What was needed was a whole new electrode design. E3 got rid of the antiquated J-wire electrode, and, after years of fundamental research, developed a better way to ignite and completely burn the fuel/air mixture in the cylinder. E3 started at our own laboratories, and then tested our designs at two leading engineering universities, assisted by top professors in the field of combustion and engine dynamics. Here's what E3 discovered: The advanced E3 DiamondFire Spark Plug design actually increases combustion pressure in the engine. Faster flame speed and improvements in the direction of the flame front result in a marked and proven -- increase in power output, fuel economy, and reduced emissions in gasoline engines. We have verified this using the most sophisticated testing equipment available today. E3 is dedicated to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and global warming by reducing fuel consumption. E3 Spark Plugs advanced DiamondFire electrode design burns fuel more efficiently and completely, increasing mileage and drastically cutting toxic emissions. We feature E3 Spark Plugs at low everyday prices!


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