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Manhattan Oil manufactures Power Plus Top Lube, Lubricants, Alcohol Upper Lubes and Fuel Fragrances.

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Drag Parts USA is The Online Drag Racing Superstore! Manhattan Oil proudly manufactures Power Plus Lubricants, Liquid Horsepower Octane Booster/Fuel Improver, and is the innovator of Fuel Fragrances. Manhattan Oil takes pride in the fact that its products give customers immediate results that can be seen on the dyno, clocked at the track, and literally felt at the throttle. In 1992, Manhattan Oil introduced Power Plus Fuel Fragrances to be used in gasoline, methanol, and diesel fuels. The product is widely used from lawnmowers to top fuel dragsters. Fuel fragrances are intended to set you apart from the rest and be a crowd pleaser. They do not enhance or inhibit performance and are safe to use in all internal combustion engines. Specially formulated for methanol use, Manhattan Oil's line of Top Lubes is recognized as the number one selling product in its category. Customers enjoy reduced friction and better protection from corrosion associated with the use of methanol fuel. Many top engine builders, carburetor builders and injection system suppliers use and recommended these products. Five versions are offered that have the same lubricating properties but vary in features such as color, scent and name. The scented Top Lubes contain a low dose of fragrance and in order to get the full impact it is recommended that you use a bottle of Fuel Fragrance in combination with the Top Lube of your choice. Power Plus Fuel Fragrances include Atomic Apple, Banana Blast, Burn Out Blueberry, Full Blown Bubble Gum, Cherry Bomb, Quick ET Chocolate, Super Sonic Cinnamon, Rocket Cotton Candy, Flyin' Hawaiian Fruit Punch, Groovy Grape, Lemon Lightning, Light 'Em Up Licorice, Peel Out Pina Colada, Radical Racin' Raspberry, Rippin' Root Beer, Oils All Supercharged Strawberry, Turbo Tangerine, Victory Vanilla, and Wicked Watermelon. We feature Power Plus Top Lubes and Power Plus Fuel Fragrances at low everyday prices!


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