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The Fire Bottle System has re-defined safety standards at every level of racing.

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Drag Parts USA is The Online Drag Racing Superstore! We feature Safety Systems, Inc. Fire Bottle products. Fire is one of the greatest risks in racing. Reduce the risk with FIREBOTTLE. Pull, push or electrically activated, FIREBOTTLE Products send 99% Halon 1211 or Halon 1301 or DuPont a" FE-36a" to extinguish fire when and where intended. FIREBOTTLE discharges completely. You don't fight the fire. FIREBOTTLE does. FIREBOTTLE acts without delay. Stops it at the start. Clear Halon does not obscure vision, nor impede actions of driver or safety crews. No chemical residue, nor costly clean up. All FIREBOTTLE systems are DOT approved and SFI certified. FIREBOTTLE systems are economical and shipped complete. When equipped and installed properly, activated when necessary, FIREBOTTLE extinguishes fire. The invention of The Fire Bottle System has re-defined safety standards at every level of racing. Specifically, the Fire Bottle System is an on-board fire suppression system designed for most types of race cars. The fire is extinguished quicker than conventional emergency personnel could reach the car. Safety Systems, Inc. has developed a new fire suppression system that's manually or automatically activated. In the event of a crash the driver may not have time or be able to activate the system to put out a fire. With this new system this problem is eliminated. The driver can activate the Firebottle either by pull cable or push top or if the temperature reaches 155A the system will activate automatically thus allowing the driver time to exit the vehicle. FIREBOTTLE Trailer Guard and FIREBOTTLE Fuel Cell systems are designed for reliable, low-cost, automatic fire protection. They are completely self-contained extinguishers that require no piping or electrical power. Maintenance consists only of periodic visual inspection of the pressure gauge and recharging as necessary. Originally designed for use in trailers these units provide excellent fuel cell coverage in any car, or t


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